Your Chance to win Free Spins on Registration

Free Spins on Registration

In the online casino world, one of the most powerful assets is the slot machine. As a player, you're likely to encounter slots at nearly every online casino you visit and you might find that these slots are the main bulk of what the casino has to offer. Out of the hundreds of games they have available, nearly 70% of them are likely to be slot machines. This is because they're easy to produce and difficult for players to exploit so casinos tend to favor them.

As the slot machine is the favored game by the casino, it's clear to see why most bonuses and promotions lean towards them as their game of choice. If you're signing up for an online casino, chances are you'll be met with a first or no deposit bonus that is only applicable towards slots. This can be one of your greatest assets as the slot machine could net you the most winnings with your bonus. Free spins on registration with no deposit is one of the oldest yet most exciting promotions a new player can encounter.

Finding a casino that offers free spins on registration isn't difficult as this is one of the favored promotions available. It allows the casinos to avoid giving you free bonuses when you first deposit, but it also gives you plenty of chances to win real money. Finding free spins on registration casino with no deposit bonuses is something any new player should keep an eye out for. Before you go shopping for your free spins on registration casino, it's important to know the basics.

What Are Free Spins on Registration?

The most important aspect to finding great free spins on registration casino is to know what to look for. Free spins on registration - often requiring little to no deposit - are exactly as stated on the package. When you register for a website, you receive a certain amount of free spins. The amount will vary based on the casino and some might require a small first deposit to qualify, but for the most part you'll be met with no deposit necessary.

Free spins on registration for slot machines allow players to play risk free for a certain amount of time. The winnings you gather are completely yours to keep and you need not put any money down to qualify for them. That's what makes casinos that offer free spins on registration as their start up bonus so appealing - you lose nothing and stand to gain much. Casinos with a first deposit bonus still require you to put down money first whereas free spin casinos require no deposit.

As we mentioned before, promotions that are geared towards slot machines tend to favor both parties - casino and player. With slot machines, the winnings are all based on luck and no one holds an advantage. You don't have to put any money down to play so you stand to lose nothing and the casino only will lose anything if you win on the machines. Certain playthrough requirements and later wagering minimums will benefit the casino and make up their losses.

Different Casino, Different Offer

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The free spins on registration bonus you're eligible for will vary based on the casino you're signing up for. Some casinos can be rather generous with their free spin bonuses whereas others might leave much to be desired. A common trend is to offer players 10 or 20 free spins with no deposit necessary. If you encounter this upon registration, chances are you're at a decent casino with some pretty fair playthrough requirements.

Bigger casinos with giant user bases who are able to offer more might provide users with a larger welcome bonus. Something like 100 free spins seems to be the extreme end of free spins on registration with other major casinos offering 50 spins. You might find that casinos with these extreme welcome bonuses will either offer them as part of a first deposit deal or match them with high playthrough requirements and wagering minimums before you can withdraw.

On the opposite end, you could encounter a casino with only five or so free spins on registration. Chances are these will be met with no deposit bonuses or other common welcome bonuses. If this is the case, the casino most likely doesn't emphasize their slots as their selling point. They're willing to offer you something as a sign up bonus, but their focus lies elsewhere. They will probably have decently low playthrough and wagering requirements.

How to Qualify for This Sign Up Bonus

Qualifying for these promotions is as simple as signing up for the website in many cases. If the casino offers these free spins with no deposit necessary then all you will have to do is create an account. Once you're signed up, the free spins are yours and you may start spinning. If the free spins can only be accessed through a first deposit, then you'll have to put the minimum required amount down before the free spins are put in your account.

Some players will encounter issues with getting their earnings after they use up their free spins. This is likely due to the casino's playthrough requirements. Some casinos will require players to play a certain amount of times or wager a certain amount of money before they can withdraw their funds. These playthrough requirements are common and a way for casinos to keep from losing too much money on welcome bonuses. Read the requirements before you start playing.

Understanding No Deposit Bonuses

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One of the most common welcome bonuses players will encounter is a first deposit bonus. This is where the casino matches you up to a certain amount on your first deposit. Another, less common but more exciting, startup promotion is the no deposit bonus. This type of bonus grants you either a certain amount of cash or free spins without having to put any money down. This is a fantastic way for new players to find their footing.

No deposit bonuses are becoming more and more popular but still have a long way to go before they are common. Finding a casino with a no deposit bonus is something you should hold on to as most stick with the favored first deposit price match. You're more likely to find a casino that offers free spins as their no deposit bonus than one that offers a certain amount of cash. As the popularity of this startup promotion continues to rise, we're likely to see new variants for new players.

Finding the Right Casino for You

Finding a casino to call home doesn't have to be difficult. All you have to do is know what features suit you best and where to look. If you're looking for a casino that offers free spins, look for the best casinos of that variation. If a first deposit price match is more your style, keep an eye out for those. Find your new online casino today!